Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney For Life Insurance

Estate Planning Attorney – Matters Of Estate Plan And Insurance

Keystone Law Firm is trusted when it comes to estate planning and probate administration. Clients are provided with quality solutions by the legal team.

Why do we need life insurance and an estate plan? It’s important for us to prepare for the future. Anticipating the unexpected is one reason why we should have action plans for what we want to happen when we are incapacitated or pass away. An estate planning lawyer can help manage assets and financial plans for you and your family. Find out in this article why life insurance is a valuable aspect of people’s lives.

Importance Of Wealth Protection

A significant part of wealth protection is estate planning. This covers life insurance and financial plans. Through insurance, emergency funds are available for sudden life events like illnesses. According to statistics, 70% of Americans admit that they need life insurance, and over 42 million people expressed their intent to purchase life insurance.

On that note, Keystone Law Firm is strategically located in Chandler AZ, their mission is to protect families and prepare for unexpected life events. Hiring an estate planning attorney is essential for asset management.

Benefits Of Universal Life Insurance

Life insurance can also serve as collateral for corporate loans and buy-sell agreements. If the insured person has universal life insurance, they will be covered for the rest of their life. This is as long as they keep paying their premiums and follow all of the other terms of the policy.

An estate planning attorney from Keystone Law Firm in Chandler AZ could help you with a life insurance assessment. By purchasing universal life insurance, you may be able to save money for investments.

Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One

An estate will take many months to go through the probate process. Assets within the estate cannot be touched by any of your family members who are tied up with you while you’re still alive. Although money is instant when there is a need to withdraw from a life insurance policy.

In most cases, releasing of funds is done under an insurer’s coverage with a copy of the death certificate. You can put that money to use soon to pay for your beneficiary’s funeral and ongoing daily expenses.

In an estate plan, term insurance can be used to purchase short-term insurance for a predetermined period of time. Most of the time, it comes with a significant debt, like a mortgage. Families in Chandler AZ are unquestionably aided in maintaining their financial stability. They are also relieved of significant worry by purchasing life insurance with the help of an estate planning attorney.

Things To Consider Before Buying Life Insurance

Consider your yearly income, assets, expenses, and debts. You might be able to estimate how much life insurance you need.

For some, having coverage that is 10 times your annual salary may be a good place to start. When determining the required coverage, it is frequently advantageous to include any outstanding obligations.

You have more control over how the money is used because you own the insurance policy. For instance, even if you die, you can still help a friend or family member. Through the help of an estate planning attorney, minimizing costs can be feasible.

The legal team of Keystone Law Firm focuses on estate planning, probate, long-term care planning, and trust administration among others. Visit them in Chandler AZ for a legal consultation so that they can assess your needs.

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